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Our story.

Several years ago our friends got our hands on a couple of pairs of light up shoes for a huge show on NYE. We had spent a month working on our costume and these shoes were the perfect compliment.

The response we received was incredible, it felt like almost everyone in the venue stopped one of us to give a compliment and ask where we bought them. We knew we were on to something special. We refined our designs and began producing more stylish adult size light up shoes.

Pretty soon we had sold a pair to all of our friends, dozens of people we met while out dancing, and soon we started seeing people we didn't know wearing our shoes (even their children were wearing our kids size light up shoes)!

Many months later and tens of thousands of shoes sold, we are now the largest online LED light up shoe store. It's been an incredible journey, we're supremely grateful to the many amazing people we've met, and we're extremely excited to see where the future takes us.

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