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Startup helps music blogs monetize their audience, generates $55,000/month in revenue in less than a year

Submit Hub helps music blogs streamline the submission process and monetize their audience by charging a small, nominal fee to the people asking them to listen to and post about their music. Less than a year later, Submit Hub is generating $55,000 per month in revenue and has helped over 300 music blogs facilitate over 1,000,000 song submissions reaching an audience of 28,000,000 music fans.

These are some seriously impressive statistics, moreso from a one person company started less than 12 months ago, for all intents and purposes you could classify Submit Hub a literal overnight success. The funny thing about overnight successes though, is they're usually a decade in the making, like the case of Twitter.

The story of Submit Hub is no different. Jason has been working on a music blow for over 10 years. For over 10 years Jason worked on this blog for the love of the work, the music and the fans without any clear path to monetize his time and effort. By this time, Jason's blog was receiving over 300 submissions from people asking him to cover their music per day, he was literally drowning in music. 

One day, to learn some coding skills Jason decided to build an app to streamline the process for himself and his music blog. Submitters would send links to their Soundcloud or Youtube and Jason could thumbs up the song if he was planning to cover it, or thumbs down if they weren't interested.

Pretty soon he started charging submitters $1 to submit a music, and the money started rolling in. At this point Jason decided to focus full time and start providing the service to other music blogs.

Read the rest of Jason's story over at Indie Hacker. 

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